Love Letters

A good friend of mine sent this article to me one fine morning. She posted a link on Viber for all of us girls (from our church group) to see! A few days later, a desire to create a reply stirred within me.

Original letter:

July 29, 2015

Dear man after God’s own heart,

I do not know where you are, or who you are. I do not know at what moment in your life God has put you in – if you are in a time of blessed abundance, or patiently enduring a stretch of a desert season. Perhaps, you are in a café, looking out the window and admiring the sudden rush of rain; or maybe you are enjoying your time with your friends or family and wondering if a girl like me actually exists.

To tell you thrillingly, I do. I do exist. In a time of modern Sodom and Gomorrah where it is almost impossible to find a woman who seeks God first above all things, by faith I can assure you that there is still someone who loves God as much as you do. So I encourage you, for our sake, to hang on. I am fighting for you, so I plead you to do the same.

Just like you, I have succumbed myself to temporary musings of love that has led me to unnecessary heartaches. Not being with you sooner is perhaps the expense of delayed obedience to God. Maybe equally, you and I played “Creator” at some point in our lives and went ahead of His plans. Yet, had it not been for these cracks along the way, we will not be the persons He purposed us to be. I will not be the woman who will take care of your heart, as He wills me to. (Romans 8:28) I am more than blessed to claim that you and I have been redeemed, so we can look past our blunders, and allow God to make us whole again. As for now, He wants us for Himself.

I know it is not easy to wait for me, especially when we you see God slowly blessing your friends with His best for them. I am certain of this because it is also as challenging for me to wait for His perfect timing for us to meet. But be encouraged of this, there is a blessing after every trial. I believe that God gives the best gifts to His faithful children, and you are mine after we have persevered this temporary moment of hanging on for His promise to be revealed. My dearest love, you will be my greatest gift as well. Do not lose hope, do not give into temptation, He is working on me as He is crafting you to be the person He so desires for His glory. At this point, can you do me a favor? Can we set things right? Can we finally obey His commands? No more shortcuts or detours.

Wait patiently as He is teaching me how to love you unconditionally – if we hasten His timing, I will not be the girl you would want me to be. You and I will not be the masterpiece God was deeming us to be. He is molding my heart to joyfully submit to you (Ephesians 5:22-23), as He directs your paths to be in line with His. He is carefully stripping my life of worldly desires of romance that will not be according to His plans for us. He is creating in me a new heart that will look past your weaknesses, and instead put you in high regard for your unwavering faith. He is removing remnants of my past so I can give myself to you wholly and unblemished.

So pray unceasingly that God will guard your emotions, just as I am standing firm in the faith that I will no longer give my heart to anyone else but you – when the timing is perfect. There is a reason for every season, and quite frankly I am not yet ready and maybe so are you. We still have a lot of growing up to do. Yet, know this, I want to be equipped to serve you wholeheartedly, and go wherever God wants you to be. We will take on adventures together – may it be as simple as relaxing on a couch while reading a book, or discovering new cities in various continents. I desire to remind you of His faithfulness when life strikes us with trials that seem too hard for us to bear. I aspire to be your cheerleader, your utmost source of joy next to Him who has given us the capacity to be happy and contented in everything.

It will be evident that you and you alone will have my heart, and I will love you with all that God has given me. With all these in mind, I pray that you will be settled with the knowledge that I am here. But most importantly, I pray that you have surrendered the thought of me completely. My utmost desire is that you will be contented with the time that God has kept you for His own – maybe for now, or perhaps forever. But even if I do not exist at all, I pray that you will be just as thrilled and satisfied. We do not know His plans, but whether or not He wills for us to be together, He ultimately knows what is best for our days and our years to come. (Jeremiah 29:11)

Thinking and praying incessantly for you,

Your God’s Best


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